What is Yo-Co?

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What is Yo-Co?

Yo-Co comes from „Your Country“, your country. Our purpose is to make the „foreign countries“ their „own country“. Adaptation works best if you can talk in your native language at the beginning.


We hear again and again that people are insecure, on certain occasions. Uncertainties that you would not have, you would be able to communicate well.

Just to name a few examples:

  • Doctor visits: You have injured yourself or become ill and do not know which doctor you can visit, one who also speaks your language

  • Or a simple hairdresser’s visit can cause problems if you can not explain exactly what you want.

  • Even a business visit can cause problems.

Maybe you can speak English, but it is not spoken in your destination country. Here comes our idea.


We have implemented this with our search directory. You do not start searching as usual, but you’re the first to enter your language. We will then list the respective doctor, hairdresser, shop, or service provider according to your specifications.

Thus, you have found your goal and can communicate in your native language. That’s why our motto:


Around the world in your language

Your advantages of our directory are.



Safety, if you lose your orientation, or need quick help. Easier traveling, as the hurdles have been taken to act in case of an emergency, or to get along, or to get help with communication difficulties.

Goalkeeping: Ask at the nearest store after that path



Fast connection to the country and possibilities also the official hurdles to most. Here are just in the beginning many hurdles which must be mastered as for example: If one wants to emigrate, one needs many authorities. Here a translator can serve well. Or there are authorities that speak your language. Office, car, insurance, home, doctor’s visit, telephone, electricity and so on. See for yourself that in the first period, you are often helpless, without the right language



Business trips are more relaxed and you can find faster business partners. Here, too, there are the one or other areas where it is helpful to have support and find the right one. For example:


Find new business partners who speak the same language in another country, or if you are in a country where no English is spoken as a substitute language because it is not taught at school. Likewise, if you want to expand your business abroad, you can use our directory to access the services you need, such as translation services, help with registering your company and integrating your staff into new jobs abroad. As you can see, our directory is helpful in many areas and you can make life a little more relaxed.


Our goal is to make it possible for anyone in any language worldwide to understand their language. No matter in which other country.

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